Thursday, 26 March 2015

Work of web proxy server

Proxy server plays the role of bridge between the computer and websites which are block. Blocking of web sites increase because of some issues and trends were came into beings. Proxies are also such websites which make users to unblock all the block websites. There are many multiple advantages of using proxies. Proxy can hide your IP address which is good for security; there will be no chance of leaking of data. There is some sensitive place in which there is much need for using proxies. When some want to connected with any websites and him using proxies so it means there are no any connections between the proxy server and users, he is using web sites directly in this there is dependency on local location server.

It also reduce load over the local server, because the work of proxy intermediately they are displaying results to user then it reduce the load of local remote server, it also increase the speed of your internet. There are many web proxy sits which available on internet and very one can use it. There are some organizations who are taking money for proxies but mostly it’s free of cost, and there is no need for downloading or installations of any software. There are also another benefits some proxy have a lot of information about every things when somebody request to for any sites so at that time give result to response like Unblock Proxy Sites.

One of the most important tasks of proxy is to safe your personal data, if you are using internet without any proxies so it means you are inviting hacker and network administrations who can easily your locations and personal information very easily. Facebook proxy can give safety if you are using Facebook like Facebook Proxy.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The blocking of YouTube and Facebook accounts

The social media user are increasing day by day, the networks of social media expend for Facebook to twitter, Skype, email, YouTube and some others networks.
Mostly the people of Europe are using the twitter for social networking through proxy site, while the Asian counters people are using the Facebook. But the users of Facebook are incensing day by day.
The use of social media depends on user there is good and bad use of social media it can helped with the students, teachers, Professors and business class of society. The teachers can get information the businessman can market of products through social media very easily.
The use of social media also help with politician like the president of USA he use his twitter accounts for the elections campaigns.

The YouTube bad Facebook users can shares videos and pictures easily; they can chats with their friends, relatives and old friends can be finding on Facebook.
The blocking or limiting of social media is very easy toady there is FB limit, through which we can limit to though YouTube proxy and Facebook. The parents should wants to use this sticks for students when there were study time after the release for the social media.

The use of Facebook should be also limit or block ion job place and university, because mostly the employers and students are not taking interest in job rather in Facebook and some others social media networks. The ethics of Facebook and you tube should learn before the using of YouTube and some networks. If there is no some ethics then it become insulting to others religions, people, society, ideas and local traditions so it important to learns the use of proper social medias, the impartial use is very good to not harm the heart of any one is good.